Experimental Death Pod

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fuck a record company .com going all sorts of crazy all over the fuck place. weekly freestyle radio shows out in clarendon that are punk as shit come hang out and get beefy if you are in the area.

703noise is a local community-oriented organization for the promotion and propagation of Experimental and Noise Musics in the 703 (Northern VA) area. In conjunction with the GMU IAC, they organize events at George Mason University, as well as elsewhere in the community.

GMU IAC is a Student-run organization for Experimental Music and freeArt at GMU.

tag soundsdeep on yr page for massive damage ; copy and paste this code into your page:

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SoundsDeep Experimental Death Radio!!!

Contact us via email or around the street for booking or to sell us your children.

for more information please contact info _at_ soundsdeep _dot_ com

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