how to use damn podcasts


if you are using mozilla/firefox, have the most recent version, and are still having a problem viewing the feed (i.e. seeing a bunch of code when you click the link) please try REFRESHING the page a one or more times until it either displays the feed on the page, or lets you bookmark it using Live Bookmarks (in which case, select what folder you'd like to save the feed to, select OK, and go into Bookmarks->[the folder you selected] and click SoundsDeepRadio).

what do i need?

in order to listen to a podcast you must have some kind of feedreader installed, whether it be integrated into your browser or installed elsewhere on your computer. if you are using a modern browser, a compatible feedreader should already be integrated in your browser. in the case of most problems accessing the podcast, the issue can be resolved by upgrading to the most recent version of your browser. most of these programs can be obtained free of cost if they are not already packaged with your computer or browser.

what do i do?

if you are using recent versions of mozilla/firefox, safari, and/or ie7, you should be able to just click on the links on the first page for either the hi or lo resolution feed. firefox as well as other current version browsers like safari on mac os should have feedreaders installed and integrated in them from when you originally had your browser installed. if you are using a crappy version of internet explorer or other shitty, corporate slavery browsers, you might get a page full of gobbledy gook (xml) instead of being connected to the feed. if you are getting displays of xml when you click the links, either upgrade your browser or download a standalone feedreader like itunes ( if you are using itunes or a feed reader that utilizes/prefers itunes-specific tagging, select one of the links labeled "itunes" to take advantage of certain itunes integration goodies. if you are using a browser-based feed reader such the integrated IE feedreader, do not use the itunes links because it will cause your feedreader to crash and exit on error.

where are the podcast feeds actually located? and for 192 kbps and 128 kbps feeds respectively, and and for the itunes-tagged feeds.

how do i point an external feed reader at the soundsdeep podcast?

it varies from program to program. there are generally two options when considering external feedreaders: one, to register the feedreader as an extension or "helper application" which can handle RSS feeds (generally done through an options or preferences menu on your browser, or which may be set up automatically when the program is installed, as in the case of itunes), or to subscribe to the feed manually based on the URL. you should be able to select an option to Subscribe to Feed or Open Feed depending on your program, then just paste one of the above links into the prompt box. for example, to manually subscribe in itunes: go to menus "Advanced" -> "Subscribe to Podcast..." and paste "" in the text area.

what is a podcast actually lol?

it is an RSS 2.0 XML implementation/extension with the added sytactical support for binary file enclosures such as mpeg video or mpeg layer 3 audio (mp3), and with optional itunes (nonstandard) tagging :)


if you have any questions please feel free to email us via info AT soundsdeep DOT com